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The Madda Fella Store

Enjoy Key West shopping on Duvall Street

Enjoy the casual feel of sun-drenched beaches combined with rugged individualism, character and style. Inspired by the deep, warm colors of Key West and islands across the Caribbean, Madda Fella transitions you from the beach to boat to bar and any detours along the way. Our clothing is designed to help you live more and worry less. With hand-selected fabrics, attention to detail and unrivaled customer satisfaction. Everything goes through a custom prewash, ensuring that comfortable, “old” new favorite is at the front of your closet.

The Ocean Key Boutique

Take home some Key West goodies when you visit the Ocean Key boutique.
Located adjacent to the Madda Fella Store and right on the harbor, our goods are inspired by the beautiful surroundings we enjoy. Thousands of visitors stroll by each day, many not noticing this unassuming treasure chest. Décor from around the tropics as well as fine apparel fit for Key West's many pleasures are plentiful in this chic boutique. Never fear though, as our buyer is keenly in tune with the beat of the island. Great casual wear and gifts are chosen to enhance the experience within the shop and make for a successful search every time. Come and visit this neighborhood treasure at Zero Duval St.

Clothing in the Madda Fella store. Lotions on display in the Madda Fella store.

Couple inside the Madda Fella store at the Ocean Key  boutique.
Madda Fella shop at the Ocean Key  boutique.
Madda Fella shop at the Ocean Key  boutique. Madda Fella sign at the Ocean Key  boutique. Clothing a souvenirs display in the Maddafella store.