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If there was a higher rating than 5, I would select it. I can't say enough great things about the team at Ocean Key. Planning a wedding from over 1,000 miles away isn't supposed to be easy but Cara and everyone at Ocean Key made it easy for us. Her and her team and all of the staff at Ocean Key went above and beyond our expectations. Every question we had was answered immediately and they always found a way to make what you wanted work. I would recommend Ocean Key as a wedding venue not only because it is a beautiful location, delicious food, amazing views but also because the team at Ocean Key made you feel at home right from the very first moment we asked if a wedding date was available.

Shirley -

The staff at Ocean Key Resort was SUPERB! The customer service was above and beyond. We have been working with Kristin and Cara for approximately 1 year prior to our wedding and they have been excellent. They never said "No" and always found a way to work our vision into the plans. Kristin was with us on the last few days of our wedding and was amazing. She would have an answer to our question before we asked it, and was always one step ahead of us. We also stayed at Ocean Key before and after our wedding. The staff in general was fantastic. We visited the Spa and they were so accommodating, services were great and the staff was friendly. Our guests were very pleased with the event and those of our guest who chose Ocean Key for their lodging, have been raving about the service and wonderful accommodations. Let me not forget to say that our suite was amazing. Our suite was conveniently located with view of the pier, which is where our reception was held, and we got t o see every step of the way as our venue was set up...LOVED IT. We can say so much more. We will be coming back to Ocean Key very soon. Thanks so much Ocean Key! "


I can not EVER thank you all so very much and quite enough!! I have no clue Kat & Kristen who your bosses are, but please please forward this!!! You two are the very best and I mean that whole heartedly from not only Steve & I, but my family and friends! We had the most PERFECT, FANTASTIC wedding EVER in the history of EVER! Our friends and family are still talking about it and can't wait to come back!! Your constant patience with my in the thought of the moment emails, and over the top and beyond attention to every detail and being exactly in sync with every little thing we wanted to make us happy. Steve & I constantly reminisce and want to do it over again just to do it over again! It was truly perfect. Everything was exactly perfect, organized and not forgotten!! Our family and friends absolutely loved being there and we've been told numerous times it was the best wedding ever. And these are married people who had their own weddings. The food was amaz ing and loved by all, our only regret! We didn't get to eat our amazing food hardly!! We're quite upset about that!! Lol you set up everything exactly perfect and it was so beautiful!!! I can't wait for our professional photos and video to get done! You both seem to really enjoy what you do and it shows! You both are always pleasant and never seem impatient or short or hurried. I have people who had never been there and thanked us over and over. I even have a couple who want to return to renew their vows! Thank you and can't wait to see you all again in June!!!

Much love and thanks!
S & S, Monkton, MD

Hi Tiffany, You know, I don’t believe I sent an email to you telling you about the excellent job your staff had done to make our event most enjoyable. Folks are still talking about it. I tell them that the staff was outstanding and very attentive to our needs. We thank you so much.

The staff at Ocean Key is not only professional, they are extremely fun! I planned my wedding from NY and never once felt disconnected from them. Katherine Dolan and Stephanie Happ are amazing. The venue is beautiful and the food was incredible. All of my calls and emails were answered promptly and any concerns/requests I had were discussed at great length. They were extremely accomodating and were happy to offer suggestions, without any pressure to add unnecessary services/items. Our family and friends had a great time at the wedding, which is what we wanted most. The bonus was that we did too!

I hadn't really thought about rain since it wasn't their rainy season, and of course, it rained all morning. Katherine hawked the weather reports all day and cleared the outdoor wedding. And it was perfect. It would later rain briefly during the reception, but you could barely notice. The tent setup is great and definitely did NOT have that muggy tent-in-the-rain feel.

The wedding was perfect. And awesome.

We could not have chosen a better venue for our Key West wedding! What really made them stand out to me versus other venues that I inquired with was their (Stephanie Happ and Katherine Dolan) lightning speed replies and promptness in answering all my (many) questions! I literally had an e-mail back from Stephanie Happ not 5 minutes after my initial inquiry. She pretty much won me over right there! She was super helpful and beyond flexible when it came to menu decisions and helping facilitate our room block. They are also very helpful in offering honest opinions and vendor recommendations. Stephanie even helped me decide how to wear my hair - haha! :) These girls really are amazing!

The scenery is beyond gorgeous! It is heaven on earth!! All of our guests were just blown away by the setting! Also, the location beats all of the other wedding venues by far! It's right at the end of Duval St. Most of the other nicer venues are off the beaten path. The ones that are close to Duval are big chains - I inquired with all of them, and just did not receive the same service as I did from Ocean Key. OK is run more like a Mom and Pop operation, and it's SOOOO much more of a personal, friendly experience!

The food was DELICIOUS!!! The guac station is a must! Everyone there said it was by far the best wedding food they have ever had!

If you're getting married in Key West, you will not find a better venue than Ocean Key!!

The staff at the Ocean Key Resort and Spa were EXCELLENT from the moment I inquired about wedding services until the day we checked out. Stephanie and Katherine were exceptionally responsive to my every question and need throughout the entire process. I did not have to worry about anything on the day of the wedding, and it was absolutely beautiful.

The food, drink and service was exceptional. The wedding cake provided from the Ocean Key was delicious and beautiful.

It was the most amazing experience of my life! I would highly recommend the Ocean Key to anyone looking for a venue in Key West, FL. Every staff member seemed to know who I was throughout my week-long stay and could not have been more professional, friendly and helpful!


Ocean Key Resort is absolutely amazing. Every expectation that we had was exceeded (and our expectations were pretty high : ) ) The resort is absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way. The staff is truly amazing; we were actually hugging several of them by the time we left.

I could not recommend a better place to have a wedding than the Sunset Pier. Sixty-eight of our friends and family traveled to Key West for our wedding and every single one of them was absolutely blown away. I'm pretty sure that every guest we've spoken to so far has told us it was the best wedding they have ever attended.

The food at the wedding was incredible. I have never been to a wedding where people were as blown away by their meals. Several people told us that it was the best steak / fish that they have ever had. That's pretty impressive to hear about food at a wedding (and there are a lot of foodies in our group)!!

I can not say enough about Katherine Dolan and Stephanie Happ. Neither my new husband nor I had ever been to Ocean Key Resort, and we booked our wedding solely on the basis of pictures of the resort online. We relied on the knowledgeable recommendations of Katherine and Stephanie for virtually everything. They not only made our wedding the most memorable event in our lives, but they made everything so easy. These two ladies are absolutely incredible!

My husband and I got married on March 24th, 2012. We are counting the days until we come back to Ocean Key Resort for our one-year anniversary!

I will make a bold statement & say that Ocean Key Resort & Spa is hands down the #1 wedding venue in Key West. The best view, food & staff on the island. View - you can not get a better backdrop with the Gulf of Mexico, and our guests loved their sunset view. The food was inspired, our guests are still raving about the food they experience at our non traditional wedding where we hosted a cocktail reception style event with variety of 10 different butler passed appetizers and 5 chef attended stations. Katherine ran the show with an accuracy of a seasoned professional and all with a big smile. The catered staff was fun and helpful. We had an amazing wedding, one for the books and we have Ocean Key to thank for providing us with a venue that set the tone for the rest of the event.